I fancy you.

I fancy you.


My grandparents met on a train. After WWII they both took the first train from Amsterdam to the south and stood next to each other. When the train was shaking on the tracks my grandfather said to my grandmother: it’s ok, you can hold on to me. The rest is history.

I designed this print for the moments when you’re wondering what to say to that cute person.. (and I used white foil so only the person who you want to read this, will read it)

Paper specification:

The paper stock I used for this print is Modigliani Candido by Fenner Paper, which is a textured, slightly off white paper. It’s 320gsm which makes the print stand straight leaning against a wall, so ideal for on a mantel piece or ledge. It also looks great in a frame. Just as a reminder of how you met.

The size of this print is 14.8x10.8cm (A6).

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