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I was a linguist before I knew this word existed. As a little girl, growing up in the Netherlands, I loved speaking English. I would always listen to English music, collect lyrics and became friends with every English speaker in my home town under the age of 12. 


In 2008 I made my dream a reality and moved to London. After working in theatre and sport for 8 years, I found myself doing a job I was good at, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do. So I pursued my dreams again, changed my career path and went back to university to study graphic design. Whilst using the letterpress printing facilities at London College of Communication, I discovered how much I enjoyed working with my hands to create my designs. Letterpress printing has possibilities and limitations other than digital, and I relish seeing this process unfold from initial sketches to the final print run. Each print is unique and has a slightly different texture, which I love.


What is written down or printed can make a difference to someone, whether it’s words of encouragement to a friend who is sad, or letting that certain person know you fancy them. They are meant to be put on a wall, as a reminder of the words you continuously want to say to someone. Like: you are loved. Or: whoever is dating you is very lucky.


My work is currently being sold in London, Berlin and the Netherlands.