The job I wanted to do didn’t exist, so I made my own.


After working in theatre and cricket, I found myself doing a job that made me unhappy. While working on my computer for endless hours I knew there was something else I should be doing, I just didn’t know what it was yet.

So I quit that job, pursued my dreams and went back to university to study Design for Visual Communication. At LCC I discovered the smell of ink and how much I enjoyed printing my designs. It was like my heart opened when I walked into the print room for the first time.

Having finally found the thing that I love doing, I knew that I was going to continue in this field. However, after graduation I realised that the job I wanted to do didn’t exist, so I made my own. I wanted to design and print my own work, whilst not putting pressure on my prints to pay the bills. It became the start of having two jobs: one for the rent, the other for the heart. For me this set up means being independent, flexible with my time and using many skills in different tasks.

Connecting the dots can only be done backwards, and in hindsight I had always been a linguist. In letterpress I can combine my love for typography, language and its nuances. I love how what is said or written down can be very meaningful - or not at all. My prints are meant to be put on a wall as a reminder of the words you continuously want to say to someone, or yourself.

This blog post was originally posted in the Design for Visual Communication Publication 2019 at London College of Communication.